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Publishing Services

GIS Cartography and Publishing Services (GISCAPS) offers a wide array of publishing services to fit any need. From printed folding maps, atlases and wall maps to maps for internet display. GISCAPS can assist your company or organization with a wide range of publishing services, from product layout to printing client provided files.

GISCAPS understands the process of map sheet layout, folding patterns, cover design/placement, overlays, map indexing, proofing, pre-press and packaging. GISCAPS will always provide your print specifications, such as paper type, sheet size, colors, fold and packaging with a quote or contract. Clients will always be provided a proof for their approval before commencement of any printing.

GISCAPS can also help place your finished map on the web in the viewer friendly Zoomify software. This will allow you, the customer, to display your map on the internet without the viewer having to download additional programs or leave the your website. Your map can also be enhanced in Zoomify with location pinpoints and website hotlinks.

Additional Print services:

Print only: If your company or organization already has a map and would like it printed in any format (folding map/atlases and/or wall maps), GISCAPS can assist with that. GISCAPS works with multiple printers so they can provide the best product and price for the client. Contact us or send us your print information and GISCAPS would be happy to provide a quote.

Product layout: GISCAPS can assist your organization with extracting coverage areas, insets and index for map layout from your existing GIS map for printing purposes. This includes layout for folding sheet maps, atlases, and wall maps.

Printing Consultation: If your organization is not sure about getting the best price for your custom map needs, GISCAPS mapping consultants can help. GISCAPS has a good idea of both what your project should cost and the time frame for completion, because we're familiar with both cartography and printing costs. We would be happy to discuss your current situation and determine if there is a better solution or a better price available.