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Scope of Job

Every custom map project is different, which is why we suggest that you contact us directly, so that GIS Cartography and Publishing Services (GISCAPS) can create the exact map that you envision, from concept to delivery.


Our rates are very competitive! Discussing your needs with one of our professional staff will help both of us plan your project. Planning ahead when ordering custom maps will greatly improve our ability to deliver the product you require in a timely and efficient fashion. We have found that content and complexity determines price. A small, complicated map could cost the same or more than a large, simple map.
Those clients with existing GIS data, GISCAPS will need to review the data and its structure prior to providing an estimate or quote.

Extra Charges

As far as extra charges go, we would rather not "nickel and dime you to death." We expect that some changes will occur during the proofing stages, so we build that into our estimate. If extra charges, such as client adjustments or changes occur, we will discuss these in advance with you. That way, you receive no surprises on your invoice.


As we publish maps for a wide variety of clients, your work will always be kept separate from our other clients. All the custom work is designed to meet your specifications. Your map will not suddenly appear in someone else's publication.


All maps are copyrighted by GISCAPS, however if you or your organization would like a copyright to a particular map GISCAPS should be able to fulfill that request. Please mention this when discussing your map project with a sales representative.

Request a Quote

To get an accurate and timely quote, please contact our sales department at (954) 565-3636 or send us an e-mail with your contact information and a representative from GISCAPS will contact you as quickly as possible.