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GIS Services

GIS Cartography & Publishing Services specializes in converting client provided GIS data into publishable quality road maps, that are easy to read and that are spatially accurate. Once the GIS data is converted into a cartographically styled geodatabase, GISCAPS can provide the map back to the customer in a multitude of ways. If a digital map is required, GISCAPS can provide the map back as a geodatabase with map features broken into layers or as .pdf or .tiff files. The map can also be printed as a folding map, map book and/or wall map or a combination of these products. GISCAPS can also provide the map in Zoomify for internet display, which allows the viewer to pan in/out of the map very quickly without downloading any additional programs.

The geodatabase is created to the client exact specifications and will use GIS data provided by the client. All road linework will be based on Feature Class Code (FCC) and will determine line weight and colors of the roads. Points of interest will be added and shown with standard map icons. Hydrography layer will be included. Address ranges can be shown on the face of the map or around the edges of the map. Address ranges can be shown in various ways on the map, including in one mile increments, at major intersections or at the beginning and ending of roads. Once complete the cartographically styled geodatabase can be delivered as an .mxd file.

From this cartographically styled geodatabase folding maps, map books and wall maps can be extracted for printing. Images of the map can also be provided as .pdf's or .tiff files.

After the cartographical styled geodatabase is created, future updates are quick and inexpensive. GISCAPS will use the latest or most current GIS data from the client and then rubber sheet the new data on top of the old data to check for new roads, vacated roads, new points of interest, etc... Once again after updating the map base, maps can be provided back to client in digital, print or for internet display.