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GISCAPS - About Us

Mission Statement

To provide our clients with high quality custom maps that solve their mapping needs.

Company Overview

GIS Cartography and Publishing Services, LLC (GISCAPS) is an award winning leader in the GIS mapping field. We provide state of the art digital map products to a wide variety of clients including the city/county/state and federal government agencies, Board of Association of Realtors, Real Estate Companies, Ports, Billboard Companies, Chambers of Commerce, etc...

GIS Cartography & Publishing Services creates and produces some of the highest quality, easy to read, up-to-date street maps in the market today. From folding maps to digital maps, GISCAPS is prepared to meet all your custom mapping needs.

Our project managers work directly with you to build the map to your exact specifications!! From the initial concept, through the design and production process, to editing and final delivery, we manage your project closely. More importantly we communicate directly and frequently to keep our customers "in the loop".


Lance Fraker, President
Lance Fraker is a graduate of San Diego State University where he majored in Finance and minored in Spanish. Prior to entering San Diego State, Lance was chosen as one of the first exchange students to go to Ecuador where he learned fluent Spanish. In 1989, he entered the mapping industry, working with one of the first digital mapping companies (Data Maps) in the United States. He worked directly with Lee County Alabama 911 to create and establish the first digital map of the county. This digital map was used in the Lee County Dispatch center and could display any street within the county in two seconds. The digital map was also used to create atlases (map books) for all emergency responders in the county. After relocating in South Florida in 2003, Lance's skills and knowledge led him to a South Florida map company where he became the lead sales executive. As lead sales executive he worked with many large organizations (Bank of America, Coldwell Banker, Palm Beach County Board of Realtors, to name a few) to help these clients with their mapping needs. After eight (8) years he expanded his horizons to a much larger and nationally known map company where he was in charge of custom mapping for a wide range of clients. At this company he also worked with large entities such as AT&T, Chicago Board of Realtors and many of the Ohio County Engineer's Offices, to fulfill their mapping needs. Lance was directly responsible for converting many of these clients from old manual created map bases into digital or GIS based maps. In his free time, Lance is an avid South Florida Sports fan, concert goer and international traveler.

Alex Nitzman, Map Specialist
Alex Nitzman studied geography at the University of Delaware and co-founded the highway and road map website, in 2000. He entered the cartography field in late 2005, joining Mapsource, Inc., a Florida-based regional map company, as a field researcher and cartographer. There, Alex focused on a variety of vector-based mapping products ranging from street atlases to wall maps while rising to the role of assistant chief cartographer. Projects included the supervision, data collection, and cartographic work on the Baldwin County, Alabama atlas from initial research to completion.
In 2008, he joined a national map company and expanded his cartographic knowledge to include GIS technology while editing and researching maps and atlases. Continued work with GISCAPS focuses on on line and Zoomify-based maps.